Dinar Daddy: My "Chat" Schedule Today… and going forward…


I promised I’d get back to you about my “live chat” schedule for Dinar Daddy’s Chat.  Here’s what I’ve decided, and why I’ve chosen to do what I’m going to start doing.

DAY: Thursday

TIME: 6-7pm EST

REASON FOR CHANGE: During my time away, I had the privilege of quickly becoming aware of just how amazing my family is.  Because of this, I choose them over spending countless hours online chatting about something I have no control over.  I hope this hits many of you very hard.  That’s my intent, with all due respect.  So, I will spend one hour a week between 6-7pm EST visiting with all of you, answering your questions, sharing what I can, and so on.  This time I’ve chosen is actually between 4-5pm MST, which is my local time.  This allows me to keep my schedule within business hours, allows many of you on the east coast to be able to be part of my chats, and so on.  I hope all of you can appreciate this change.

I will be on the look out for others who I feel should be part of Dinar Daddy’s Chat, who I will invite to be regular visitors, such as Breitling.  Variety is the spice of life, and I prefer to give you many perspectives on www.ExchangeTidbits.com, my “chat” site, not just my own.

Go Variety… Go Family… Go Chat… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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