Economic Committee questions CBI’s prediction of $80 Billion in reserve

Baghdad (newsletter). Commission on economy and investment Deputy of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//mehma Khalil, [Ruled out] exceeded the Central Bank’s cash reserve (80) billion dollars during the next month, he will give strength to the economy and avoid a global economic risks.

He said Khalil (News Agency): sovereign balance of foreign currency at the Central Bank stood at more than 73 billion dollars before six months from now, and exists in various countries of the world in the form of a portfolio and investments.

He added that the Central Bank is required to issue monthly statements are correct and HD on the central reserve size and expectations for the amount of more than 80 billion dollars during the month of July next, locate one of the world’s banks.

And: that increasing hard currency sovereign credit will give strength and durability of the Iraqi dinar and will avoid any economic risks in the country, noting that if the size of the reserve to more than 80 billion dollars, meaning that each dinar both inside and outside the country, covered by (2, 5), because the size of the money supply of the national currency (33) trillion Iraqi dinars.

Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki emphasized that the Bank’s hard currency reserves would exceed the $ 80 billion during the month of July


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