Economists: the Iraqi economy is moving towards (socialism) and the oil sector, the most developed one year after (2003)


Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. DAI Iraq’s oil sector with interest the federal government, making it develops through investment and licensing rounds three and the entry of international companies, solid in this area, followed by the health sector as a result provides a number of health systems that were lacking in the former Iraq and increase the number of hospitals and medical staff.

refers economists during the talk (of the Agency news) that the other economic sectors witnessed a significant decline Kalzerai, industrial and tourism.

A member of the Finance Committee and the representative / National Alliance / Haitham Jubouri that the industrial sector has seen significant growth as the liver of the Iraqi economy huge losses, the fact that local industry is still traditional in spite of the large number of manpower.

and Jubouri development of the agricultural sector: Balotfiv very to Aaoizi size of ambition, while the only sector which has taken great interest by the federal government after a year (2003) is the oil and then comes after health.

The Jubouri in a statement to the reporter Agency (news): The oil sector has witnessed three rounds of licenses, which led to attracting investment companies worldwide to him, and thus improved the quality of oil derivatives, and extraction and exploration of oil and gas exploitation associated with the extraction of oil, which was previously burned in the air.

He pointed to: that the sector Health has developed a year after (2003) through the entry of a variety of medical and new devices to-date health and global (Kalmfras) and other medical devices necessary in Iraq. He noted Jubouri that the Iraqi economy is moving towards a socialist economy (inclusive), and turn it into a free market economy is just Amani hear the tongues economists and state officials, calling for development of serious steps right about this transformation and the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

For its part, confirmed member of the Economic and MP / coalition in Iraq / Nora Salem in a statement to the Agency (news): The oil sector in Iraq is the one who has seen much development in the first place from the year after (2003) and yet, as a result of political conditions in particular.

and warned Salem from down the industrial sector, since (1980) and so far and to develop the oil sector came through investments and the drilling of new wells.

The Salem: that international companies specialized in the extraction and exploration of oil fields and high global oil prices are all factors that stimulated the oil-producing countries to move towards the development of oil fields and discover new ones.

She added that the Iraqi economy was deteriorating year ago (2003) and worsened thereafter, as a result of the security situation is stable experienced by the country, which led to a decline in the Iraqi economy and make the economy one-sided, in addition to the absence of economic visions clear to the federal government in the process of developing strategic plans for the advancement of economic sectors all. The researcher pointed out the economic Hussein star to: that the oil sector is the only one who witnessed the development of economic sectors after a year (2003) and so far through investments and the entry of companies through licensing rounds, the first, second and third, while other economic sectors witnessed a slow growth did not reach the proportion of ambition, but these conditions are good.

The star told a reporter Agency (news): The Iraqi Oil Ministry has the progress and success in the management of oil production and raise the rate, although it did not meet with the ambition that Iraq has oil reserves is enormous, but this progress is well under the circumstances of the country.

He continued, as well as sector Agriculture has evolved, but is very slow because it still depends entirely on small, while large projects are missing in this sector, and even the manufacturing processes of food it is still parked there is no local capacity to compete with imported food.

The economic researcher: Some economic sectors witnessed development Mlhaudha but did not reach the level of ambition sectors such as housing through the process of attracting investment and construction of housing units.

The banking sector has evolved through (SEC) of Iraq, because the policy bank in Iraq, good and function properly, which led to the development of the banking industry in Iraq and described the Star: Iraqi tourism to the local economy as significant the fact that Iraq has a large religious tourism as well as the famous archaeological sites .

Economists: the Iraqi economy is moving towards (socialism) and the oil sector, the most developed one year after (2003)


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