Iraq’s political parties the most corrupt countries in the world


City News Agency /   A report released by Transparency International, announced today that the phenomenon of paying a bribe remain widely around the world through the largest opinion poll on corruption showing that more than one out of every four people paid a bribe during the months twelve Ashralmadih.

Parties, Iraq and Yemen, most Tkadhia of bribery

and focus on the Arab level, the report revealed that Iraq and Yemen were among the list of most corrupt countries in charged of bribery in the political parties, while Egypt was a list of more countries that receive the police as well as the media sector bribes .

Report: most corrupt Arab countries for the year 2012

As for the payment of bribes by religious figures Sudan was among the list while Morocco was among the list of medical services sector.

Organization: Increase the banner for bribery cases transboundary

The report showed that, for people who admitted that they gave bribes to employees sectors of the state, Yemen sits on the list by 74 per cent, followed by Libya 62 per cent, and Morocco increased by 49 per cent, and Jordan by 37 cent and Egypt 36 per cent and Sudan with 17 per cent and 18 per cent of Tunisia.



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