Kuwait and Iraq not talking about the re-demarcation of the border

Ali Salman – 03/24/2013 – 8:16 am Informed sources revealed that Kuwait and Iraq not talking now about something called re-demarcation of the border, but to talk about re maintenance of border markers because the demarcation of the border ended in accordance with UN resolution 833 and sources declined to comment on the remarks, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq due to the differences on Prop 105 and 106 or even Prop 205 and 206 on the homes of Iraqi citizens or farms.
The sources confirmed that this is outdated and that the agreements between the two countries under the supervision of checks on over the restoration of border signs that the parties are moving in this issue, which is supposed to expire the end of this month. The sources attributed these statements to the political atmosphere that prevailed Baghdad reported that Kuwait had ended the matter with the Iraqi side and the UN team responsible for the course of the process continues to work despite the recent encroachment by some folks on the tags.
As for the fund to compensate those affected sources confirmed that Kuwait made it deems appropriate to resolve this issue.


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