Ministry of Justice confirms Gazette is available which includes the 2013 Budget

3-31-13    The Justice Ministry confirmed the release of the latest issue of the Iraqi Gazette your federal financial budget for 2013 on time, denying non-publication of the preparation of the newspaper, because targeting the ministry earlier.

The ministry, on its spokesman and Sam Furaiji, in a statement today received news agency public opinion a copy of it, that “the news that handled information that delayed the release of the latest issue of the Official Gazette, the facts of Iraq, caused by terrorist acts, no truth to it.”

He added that “the Iraqi Gazette issued on schedule included deployment of the General Budget Law of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the financial year 2013 /, in all its details, and the latest issue of the Iraqi Gazette is available in the approved distribution centers and justice library at the headquarters of the ministry.”

The Ministry of Justice have been exposed to an armed attack, led to the destruction of part of the third floor of the ministry and the killing of a number of employees and wounding others.


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