Planning Minister reveals Maliki meeting today on the budget for 2013


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} detect and Planning Minister Ali Yousef Shukri meeting Sunday collections with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the fiscal budget for 2013 to be submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote.

Shukri said the Euphrates News Agency {} that “today we have a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the budget law before they are sent to the Iraqi Council of Representatives.”

He added that “the state budget before they reach the parliament to have been attacked by Iraqi government officials through the media.”

He explained that “attacking the budget before Tgnaa is viewed in addition to that there is a prior intention to not be passed within the Iraqi parliament.”

He Shukri said that “the budget in 2013 include a quantum leap in terms of investment,” noting that “increasing investment budget from 32.5 percent this year to 39.5 percent in the budget next year any transfer 8% of the operating budget to investment is a great success for the Ministry of Planning.”

He added that “the general budget include a quantum leap on the other hand is that with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court judge not to intervene and modify essential by the House on budget items,” adding that “Parliament can express its point of view in the doors of the budget but can not cancel or development of any item. ”

It is noteworthy that budgets Federal public takes a long time each year until it is approved by the House of Representatives, which is causing disabling most of the projects, underlining specialists that gives an excuse first companies implementing projects in the disruption or lag, which reflected negatively on the services.


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