Talabani, the U.S. ambassador: the current situation is not likely escalation and I will continue my efforts to calm


Confirmed President Jalal Talabani during a meeting on Sunday, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft that “the current situation does not bear the escalation and convulsions”, in reference to recent developments between Baghdad and Erbil, vowing to continue his efforts to calm the situation, as pointed Beecroft to the United States supports all Iraqi parties without discrimination.

Talabani said in a statement issued today, after meeting the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, Stephen Beecroft, and received “Alsumaria News” copy, “The current situation does not bear the escalation and convulsions but needs to think the steps needed to solve problems,” pointing to the need to “encourage all parties on a serious dialogue and talk in the spirit of peace, harmony and media abandon tongue-lashing. “

He pledged Talabani that “will continue its efforts in order to calm the situation and urged everyone to rely on the language of peace and open dialogue in order to reach comprehensive agreements terminate situation المأزوم move the country to a new stage,” calling for “insurance services and the promotion of security and stability and to complete construction of the state structures.”

For his part, Beecroft, according to the statement, the “desire and his country’s keenness to develop relations and fruitful cooperation between Iraq and the United States and expand their frames,” stressing “his country’s support of the Parties to the Iraqi without discrimination, to the success of the political dialogues among themselves in order to reach an agreement and solve problems and get them in order to work on what they see fit to end political Alastasaouat “.

And via Beecroft for “his country’s interest the vital and important to President Talabani and his quest to bring the different parties and perspectives”, and while stressing “the keenness United States to support and assign the primary role of the President of the Republic”, pointed to “the desire to return quickly to President Talabani to Baghdad for this role desired. “

And arrived Beecroft, this evening, to the province of Arbil and held a meeting with the President of the Government of the region Nechirvan Barzani, in what was considered the last that the dialogue according to the constitution is the solution out of the crisis, stressing that the Kurdish leadership will not accept that managed the disputed areas by the central government alone.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Sunday (November 2, 2012), that the views agreed on the need to resolve the problems between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region the formation of joint checkpoints of the army and the Peshmerga, or train and equip a sufficient number of the sons of the disputed areas for this task .

He also contended House Speaker Osama Najafi, on Sunday, that any attempt to drag the country into war be illegal if it recognizes that Parliament, as he emphasized that Parliament will not accept the existence of internal wars in Iraq anymore, describe what is happening in the disputed areas thing worrying .

Referred to the coalition of Kurdish blocs warned, (21 November 2012), “internal war” because of pushing the Iraqi army in political differences, rejected renewed formation of the Tigris for violating the constitution.

It is noteworthy that the crisis between the KRG and the Baghdad government, escalated after the incident eliminate Tuz in Salahuddin province, in (November 16, 2012), which consisted clash elements of operations of the Tigris and the protection of the convoy, “Kurdish official” named Curran essence, killing and injuring 11 people, mostly members of the Tigris operations forces, which the depth of the crisis rooted mainly between the parties.


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