Who rule Iraq today..and who will rule it tomorrow?

A simple question mark raised, motives are neither political nor sectarian..Is Iraq being ruled by one party? Or one sect? Or one person? Or all in one represented by ‘Nuri al-Maliki’?

The outcome of the political dispute happened on the eve of the government formation late 2010, was it a recommendation granted to Shia sect? if so, why to be annoyed about such result?!

Unfortunately, Erbil’s agreement was a defeat, it was clear that Maliki submitted himself as a son of a well-known religious party, “Dawa party”, and he won it, but later it was harder: the domination of one-sect in Iraq at the pretext of oppression.

There is no reference to be adopted post-2003, the constitution itself result in more disputes, some call on implementing the constitution, others call on activating the partnership basics, but all are laughing at each other, even Maliki himself when installed as a premier by the parliament in government formation-eve. So who rule whom?!

Who rule the country? Nuri al-Maliki? A proposal of a new dictatorship? Is it truth that he is Iran’s man? Or a ruler in a democratic regime established by Bremier?..some allegations told that Iran is ruling Iraq, but other saying that Maliki’s advisors are the real ones, but the solid fact is that “Maliki is the current ruler of the country”, and he is managing this country by a iron-fist, in all levels and fields: military, security, intelligence, politics and even media…who agree and who disagree??

National Alliance kept on supporting Maliki in spite of all of the conflicts and disputes with him.

But what if Maliki decides to take part in the upcoming elections? What he will tell voters? What did he achieve for them? A corrupted government?! Insecurity? Poor services?!

The real struggle

The real struggle is how to establish a real national project..this slogan does not work for electoral consumption..it is an ideological, social and political decision, and Maliki has the choice –yet- to do it!

But Maliki would not be able to be a ruler again on the name of his sect, because there are many disputes and disagreements among Shia parties and blocs.

Ayad Allawi, on the other hand, need too much organizational efforts to stand on his feet again, he need a revolutionary review to the all of his policies and ideas.

The bottom line

Iraqi politicians should not rely again on their bets, they should engage with the Iraqi people to know their needs, they should forget about bright slogans and see the reality, Iraqis do not care whether their ruler was a Shia or a Sunni…

Today, Iraq is in need for a fair ruler, not sectarian..strong…loves Iraq and its people..works on the best interests of Iraq people and unity, more than anything else.


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