12-10-12 Blaino: RV or float…which solves the problems the best?

RV: Tens of thousands of people all trying to get into banks, currency exchanges at the same time clawing, fighting, threatening.

Float: Some will exchange at 5 cents, some at 25 CENTS, more at 50, etc.

SO, as the bidding, selling, etc. runs the price UP And DOWN, fluctuating its way to a future value mebby around $4+ those that deem the value sufficient at a given moment will exchange and those that do not will wait or do some, then later MORE. And this will serve as a buffer to the economy of IRAQ allowing time to adjust.

The good news is that many people that never heard of the IQD will come into those markets to BUY creating upward pressure. If they cut it loose, we could easily see a dollar before the 1st of January!

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