2014 Budget: They are calling the IQD an asset

12-31-13 Poppy3:   WOW…I GOT PERMISSION TO SHARE SOME INFORMATION WITH YOU…—I heard some SOURCE INFORMATION that said the BIS said last week that they’ll use the IQD in their 2014 budget and they are CALLING the IQD an asset. Historically, at an 1166 rate the IQD is not an asset, but a liability. They commented that the BIS wouldn’t have made this comment if the RV were not imminent. I have not seen the BIS article statements or comments but I trust the people who have informed me.

The IQD is currently on a rate of 1166 THAT WOULD NEVER BE ACCEPTED. When the program rate is removed, the value will be zero. Thus, a new rate must be inserted to make it a legitimate accepted currency. They used this as an argument against those who claim that the rate will be allowed to float up from 1166.

The new rate that will be inserted must be one that satisfies article 8 compliance, most notably the consistency with neighbors like Kuwait. As such, a rate in the range of $3.00 PLUS is expected…I AM LOOKING FOR FURTHER CONFIRMATION…THIS INFORMATION MAKES ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE SENSE TO ME AND FALLS RIGHT IN LINE WITH…OTHER NEWS BEING PRINTED TODAY.

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