(BGG): Dinar Updates 2/17/12

BGG] Then out of nowhere Dmoney calls me up and tells me two local banks locally have sent out memo’s prepping their staff to be expecting the “imminent” exchange adjustment of the IQD. These are good personal contacts of his here locally (not contacts of ill repute ). He is a banker.

BGG] Another detail I didn’t get to share-one of the banks has been gathering up all excess IQD (ordered and not picked up or paid for) in the branches and getting it back to the hub…for the last few days.

[poppy3] i can also say i am excited about what dmoney said and for those whom don’t remember dmoney i can tell you he has my complete support,respect and when he says something you can take it to the bank. Dmoney is a good friend of BGG’s and has been on the Dewey Round Table calls with us in the past

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