CBI reporting its goal of a international currency

1-11-2013 Newshound Guru Doc: There are a lot of encouraging reports in the media these past few days. Our favorite is the Kurds basically thumbing their nose at Maliki and doing business without Bagdad. It definitely got Maliki’s attention in that a delegation of the Kurds will be in Bagdad this weekend to negotiate a final HCl settlement. All joking aside we really need the Kurds and Bagdad to come to an agreement here. An independent Kurd state will not help our cause one little bit. If that happens a lot of the oil that would back the dinar would not be there anymore. Our opinion is the Kurds prefer a shared common government.

There is more news of the CBI reporting its goal of a international currency. This to is excellent for our cause. To get there we believe things like chapter 7 and HCl would be resolved which would lead to a stronger currency. The other news from the CBI is a quote that the target for the dinar is 25 cents. While these reports have fluctuated in the past they all point to around a $1 or less. We continue to see no evidence of the rumored $3+ rates.

The bottom line continues to be as its been.  We  are reminded that  while the news is encouraging it has been in the past too.  We  can only  sit on the side line and hope that this will be the time the issues are  finally  resolved.   It has been reported that all is done  like chapter 7 and the  HCl but the reality is they have not.   Each of these continues to be addressed  politically but not signed off on and  made public.  We hope to see public  announcements in near future but until  then we sit and wait.  We report, you  decide.



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