CBI stated that the dinar stands at 1.18 USD per Dinar

10-5-2012 Intel Guru Blaino We now are getting releases from the CBI stating that the dinar stands at 1.18 USD per Dinar. I still believe that the rate of $1.30 that came out a few weeks ago was a solid and accurate report that was not supposed to go public just yet, because we only heard a few days ago that it was at 1:1 against the dollar, now you hear about 1.18 rate as of this morning… I still think that they are understating the true value of the Dinar at this point. Keeping a lid on the actual rate that it holds to the public. There is no reason for them to make any of these rate statements except for public relations boasting at this point since as we all know it is still able to be purchased at 1166 per dollar. So what does this mean….well it means that…what they are doing is creating the perception of a value for “In Country” at this time as to not cause a shock throughout the economy of Iraq once this is released at it’s “True Value”.

10-5-2012 Intel Guru Blaino We…discussed in the past how it would be released and not cause major problem going from being worthless to becoming more valuable than the US Dollar, well I think we’re seeing how they are making the transition within Iraq. There is still a lock down on the boarders of Iraq from taking Dinar out of the country. I still believe that if this is a pushed to finish up on the final issues that the Iraqi government faces, by the US government before the elections, we should see the National Conference take place as a final step to announcing the completion of Article 140, the HCL Laws, and most importantly the implementation of the Erbil Agreement ready to go through at or about the same time as the release from CH 7 being announced….it’s just a matter of timing.



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