(Generals64): MIG 2/14/12

generals64] Hey you guys/Gals:…I hope you have opened an active account with a bank that trades in foreign currency….If not you will be very very unhappy when this happens…something we all forgot about even SSO_Scooby and Generals64 is that they had to open their budget…

I have heard it was done now….There is so much going on in this program that my head is swimming….I am taking so many notes so I don’t make a mistake…YOU MUST have an active account if you expect any special treatment …you know, iike an appointment…I don’t tell you guys lies

[generals64] I am on the phone with a source…give me acouple of minutes…I’lll answer all I can…No secrets here

generals64] OK…questions…The banks will require an active account before cashing out . These active accounts have to be at least 24 hours old. then you will be able to deposit your dinar and since it is not active prior you will probably won’t have access for another 24 hours

SSO_Scooby] generals64 …are you saying iraq has passed an opened there budget did I read that right???

generals64] These banks are not required to cash you out I don’t think…maybe they are…but, this is what I was told to do by a rather wealthy financial guy…So, I did it.

[generals64] lots have changed in the past few months..

[JamVox] generals64 you got million worth in dinars they will cash you out gladly! [generals64] JamVox…not without an account.

generals64] AuntieTeeTee :…I have talked with all of them and we have a Currency person working with all of them right now…

[Expendable2] I really think atleast at major banks they will have account apps at the door as
you enter… lol [Expendable2] Please bank here

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