GoodGosh (Obama Special Press Conference Today on CNN): OOM 1/22/12

From 3sintel: [Dove] 12:01 PM [dediperk08] cnn is stating that obama is supposed to give a special press conf sometime today but no one has a time. cnn states that we have reporters waiting in the press conf room for when he speaks you’ll be the first to know

12:02 PM [dediperk08] secretary of state and secretary of finance have already made statements on cnn that with the last of troops being pulled out of iraq that the economy would be changed drastically with the president’s speech reporting what cnn has stated today

12:02 PM [dediperk08] no timeline on speech. O doesn’t want anyone to know time and cnn has gag on timeline.

12:03 PM [dediperk08] Cnn stated that they could not report time of speech that it was to be kept quite until the president came out to the podium

12:03 PM [dediperk08] They stated they have reporters at the podium waiting so we will be the first to get the good news. They will report live

******* OK here is the link to watch Obama live= he is not on now but
click on the site – when he arrives they will go live so leave that
page up if you can and you should not miss the Obama speech –


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