Iraq is ready to RV!!!!

circletrack15:   Iam just a normal guy with a wife and daughter, 2 dogs!. Iam NOT!! a Guru, Iam NOT! a know it all , and Iam NOT! a person to just just make stuff up to piss all of you nice people here off, that are waiting for this to happen so we can be free of the worry of our Government, and money problems.

But I try to read and learn and then go and do my own homework on this subject and try to understand it all. So with that being said, I going to ask not tell you what I think is going to happen with this RV and when, BUT! I have researched this a bit and must say I believe it! I Googled Global Money, Global Currency, Basel III, ect, and came across this and its everywhere! I had no idea!!

Iraq is ready to RV!!!!! right now!!!!  The Dong as well?? Yes!! Ok, so why not and whats the problem???? I believe its because this is above and beyond Iraq, and that Iraq is the biggest reason why it needs to happen yesterday!!!

It,s not happening because we are going to see a Global Currency Reset that is made up of all 198 Nations! currency and see it all revalue up or down.

This is a plan that has been in affect for just over 10 years (pretty ironic!)The Basel III Protocols (winch includes the Global Currency Reset) is based on and backed by countries assets (precious metals,Oil, Gold ect.) and you know China is shouting that they should be in the USA,s place as the bread winner of the planet.If you remember, Hilary Clinton said in one of her speeches, that Iraq!!! will become the richest nation in the world due to its Oil reserves,,remember that?

It was agreed upon in 2010-2011 that Basel III would be introduced from 2013-2015 to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and bank leverage. Our RV has not happen yet due to a few countries not being ready or in compliance of Basel II and they are working quick to correct that to move forward. It,s not Iraq dragging their feet at all!!

In fact,,,,Iraq is the biggest key to this and all out of all countries involved, the Iraqi Dinar and the Dong are the 2 that will climb, Iraq having  the biggest RV of all of them! Just Google this for yourself and see what Iam saying!! You know the US has billions of IQD why? you know why!!

The USD is tanking, as well as other countries. Basel III (The Global Reset) is from what they say, keep the world monetary system from crashing. Hell, it sounds alot like the New World Order that all of our Presidents have talked about but Iam not going down that road! LOL!!

This is just my opinion! guys from what I study and learn. I had no idea of this at all until I did my home work. Iam focused on the Iraq RV just like the rest of you! But I really do not think its Iraq dropping the ball here I believe its bigger than that with Iraq being the center piece!! Do you think Iam crazy?

Maybe, But I think it will happen soon (I hope sooner than later!) but check it out for your self!, I get to wrapped up in this Guru said that Guru said just to let down every time. But with that said, We are there!! lets just pray that God lets us have this soon as I know!! we need it. Just my thoughts!! Thanks and God Bless!!

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