It’s possible that the RV will be announced

Money Glare

9-16-2013 Frank26:    HCL and Erbil are completed, implementation would be a major announcement; the 5-year budget plan which is up and running is also a great announcement; there are many great things ready for announcement, and any one of these things could be the announcement, and it’s also possible that the RV will be announced. The WTO has always said that when Iraq lifts the 3 zeros, there are welcome to join; today, the WTO asked Iraq to join because they have fulfilled all the requirements. Iraq’s banks are poised to walk into international status.

the NYSE/NASDAQ was down again – they were down twice already, and it happened again yesterday; most of the world currencies run through NASDAQ; they have been down 3 times in past 30 days, and yet it’s not a news issue, it’s been ignored – the financial capital of the world goes down 3 times and nothing is said about it? we will not see the NASDAQ go down again – it’s been downloaded and tested; done!

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