(News, Rumors and Opinions): Dinar Recaps 8/13/12

[aieagirl] Hi Everyone! paiaboy, HI! I heard from a Dinar buddy in Australia that the banking systems are in major shakeup. We probably won’t know all there is to know about it, but it’s good for ‘we the people’ and especially for those of us invested in this. Exciting!

buckwheat: Today’s PTR call edited down to 14 minutes for an easier listening experience http://kiwi6.com/file/3o4n0esj6c[dealdoctor] Guys we all saw the debate between SWfloridaguy and BWM on Recaps and I for one found it fascinating. I also appreciate all the hard work of all the grassroots intell providers who have personal contacts and tell us what they know from personal relationships. Having been a theologian for years   well aware of “denominational” differences and that is certainly the kind of thing we have in Dinarland.

I always found that each group was strong in some areas but weak in others and that it was best to appreciate them for their strengths but not get all critical about areas where they were not as strong. People also come with various personalities some are analyticals and others more relational. The head and the heart connection with others both have their place in real life.

So in any marriage the husband and wife though different make a wonderful combination! Democrats NEED Republicans and vice versa. I mean how would you have an up without a down or a wife without a husband?

[dealdoctor] So must for myself I will listen to the entire converstation and pick from the supermarket of ideas what I want for my own basket and give everyone else the freedom to do the same. Hey, they do it anyway and what good does being so argumentative do anyway.There is no progess in that. I have always learned from others. I already know what I know so it must be others who teach me what I do NOT know. I find it a bit humerous to see Dinarland have as many sects and divisions and perspectives as politics and religious denominations. HEY it is what PEOPLE do. Some politicians however are STATESPEOPLE and have a larger perspective than their own party and so it is in religion as well.

We all meet at the level of being humans beings and the wisest KNOW just how little we all actually know about everything there is to know. It is sometimes good to just agree to disagree until the clouds clear and we all see clearly and usually find there was both a heads and tails on the coin.

[dealdoctor] I really like each site in our Dinarland but its like when you visit various churches you must respect their traditions. Love cares about the other and what is important to them. Alabama has different laws than New York but they are both FULLY American. So I hang out here and go to the other sites

dealdoctor] but try to respect the “culture” of each community. I also respect people’s right to move and start their own community. Freedom to do it one way in your own house and freedom to move out too. Isn’t that what every teenager longs to do set up their own spot and be an adult. Nothing wrong with Grandma’s house but it is ok for the grown grandkids to set up a more modern apartment. BOTH have their place in the family. As one great Dinarian once said NUFF SAID!!

[dealdoctor] That is my two cents both the heads and tails of it :)

[dealdoctor] I think forces far larger than any “camp” in Dinarland will bring us our RV and then every tribe in Dinarnation will join in one big party…I am going to be THERE!!!

[NuffSaid] I can see the point of view that SWFLguy has. He seems to be worn out from the guru information for years and has been now doing his own research. However, some dinarians on this ride need a balance of Hopium and also articles.

kyf58] tumbleweed Do you think Madame Wu needs help from another woman to release the CE? Does anyone have her email address?

[kyf58] devildogmom Hey, I have an APB out for Madame Wu’s email address: Gotta find out what the problem is……lol

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