Now the IMF is in Iraq

SCALP: These peeps dont want the IMF,UN, World bank there because they are just as corrupt as everyone else and are actually working for Monkey boy on his terms and finding the stuff he tells them to….thats why they don’t want them there.

If they had nothing to hide and really were an honest committee to findout what is going on and solve it then they would be thankful for the help from the best minds in the business.

That committee is nothing but a lynching squad set up by Maliki.

I was waiting to see everyone flood in, they were all waiting for Maliki to take that step too far. These guys being there is a really good sign for our investment IMO

Funny how they all suddenly take an interest days after Maliki tells parliament that all plans for monetary reform are off until 2014 or whenever he decides, isn’t it? or just another amazing coincidence……?

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