Revaluation of the iqd is 1000% confirmed in country

8-14-2013 EXOGEN:    [new guru] [via FLPatriot59] @ 8:43 PM EDT Contact just stated the revaluation of the iqd is 1000% confirmed in country, and awaiting on more details for the global release & update from the new cix system i.t implementation team right now at 8:42 pm est. Bank screen updates coming in the next hour in real time!!!

[new guru] [via FLPatriot59] 9:53 PM: Text message just received: the cix system is now 100% live with no glitches, all production testing is COMPLETED…ALL systems are 100% go, bank screens are still blank right NOW…(JUST in), and the process will not be stopped this TIME…

[new guru] Per conversations, all countries globally are integrated to new system, and every country contact on planet earth is stating the rv is completed in iraq, global debts are about to be paid in revalued iqd, via country reserve iqd holdings, it is finished over with, done and completed and nothing left but for the rates to show up globally on all bank screens world wide, ie gcr. Rates are now in transition from placeholder rates to live fixed rates with no hold pending STATUS…

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