rick152 (Everyone here NEEDS to read this. Really): OOM 2/12/12

Let me try to answer as I see it OK? Here goes

This was setup by the Bush family in coordination with the Cheany family and the banking consortium.PTB. THIS WAS NOT DONE FOR NOTHING.

The people of the US are very giving and out of concern and caring we regular peeps give to a fault without reserve. The government (especially in it’s current condition of late,( like the past 20 years) is not. The government is of the greedy mindset at large.( what am I going to get out of this) I know this is a double negative but I must say one more time, THIS WAS NOT DONE FOR NOTHING.

That being said and clear, If this entire thing was setup for the dinar to virtually disappear what would the bank consortium (PTB) and all gain? NADA DAM THING. right?

Lets see this, if the 000’s go and we have a rate of 1 to 1 and a 25k is now 25 dollars…That my friend would be a lop. Period. Not happening! and here’s why…Those that hold dinar would ALL take it in the shorts. Think about that…ALL, the Bush’s, Cheney’s and the entire banking consortium (PTB) along with us get NOTHING or more truly Very little. Besides us small peeps, what big- wig would be happy with that? None!

This war in Iraq at conservative estimate cost the U S 800 B. The then President Bush DID say “this war will cost the U S nothing” I heard that on the news when said! And by the way…If the dinar goes as a lop how would that statement even be viable? NOT!

Take that lop again that everyone fears so much. Look at the Petro dollars…What would they be worth? NO MORE THAN YOURS or mine! I ask, does anyone think this was all planned and done for nothing?

OK lets do a small bit of math…1 m dinar at 1170. to buy say 1000 dollars.just a example. Then LOP comes. 25k becomes 25 dollars. 1M dinar divided by 25k = 40 by 25 make that 1 to 1 and you get 1000 dollars. A total break even. For us it would be less with the fees and such. We may not count, you and I, but, think about the big players who did set this up …they get break even also. What would have been the point?

Iraq will be a financial powerhouse in the future. Even the Bible says so. That is not to say they will wield great power other than financial. They won’t. As to your question about the in country Iraqis that hold dinar. What do you think the HCL is about…Profit sharing! Just like Saudi Arabia. Those peeps dont really NEED to work they are compelled to. They still get paid plus the “profit sharing”. Some of forget this little said fact to be only dismissed..There may not be (in Iraq) a country of all millionares but NONE will be hungry, cold. or have to do without ever again. This is what this war will give to them. That in itself is untold wealth is it not?

Strong currency…That could be a dollar to the dinar or 25 cents or more even. what it will be one can only guess and ANY that tells you they know are guessing or lieing, unless they are attached to the Bush peeps or the GOI, CBI, PTB etc. A strong currency is not what the guru’s and others like to proclaim. The reason the U S has had such a strong currency for so long is simple…The peeps work and PRODUCE, that is until the workforce here decided that they were entitled to everything for nothing. The people of Iraq (contrary to popular belief) are primarily well educated and very proud, they would love the chance to work and make their own way, and will!

Delete the zeros…To get them out of circulation in country Iraq as much as possible TAKE THEM OUT OF CIRCULATION like the U S 1000 bill simple and clean cut. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Redenomination… We have already seen this (Partly) The dinar we hold IS THE NEW DINAR, I believe completely the lowers are stashed away waiting their debut. Look at this…It costs Millions to design, plate and print a new currency, along with the added expense of getting it out and retriving the old. Why in the world would the PTB and all have wasted millions to put one in just to take it back out a few short years later, just to spend more millions to replace? NOT. When the lowers come out then and only then the 000’s will be removed (completely) from service with the exception of large central bank transfers around the world.

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