RVWITHME (Is IMF Really Holding The Final Card To RV Soon?): DV 1/7/12

Not completely clear on rumors of the IMF moving to Hong Kong, but hearing this latest (RV on Monday) update followed
by a confirmation from a completely separate source, makes one wonder if maybe there may be something to it.
Sure hope so.

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Dinar RV STILL BLOCKED —- Now why? Real Story
We all have been following the dinar guru’s calls of any hour now, any minute now for the Dinar RV to happen globally —–
still no cigar after how long? Even Al Hodges and myself was wrong on the date! And I highly respect Al Hodges for what he has been doing.

Time to publicly announce what is really going on. And this is exclusive — a first time intel release on the net.

The IMF is in charge of the Dinar RV at this time. Only the IMF.

This is a first time worldwide reset of the world’s currencies in order to get back to the gold based currency.

Bye Bye Federal Reserve IOU paper notes.

The IMF needs to do the sign off on the global release and this is being done in Hong Kong (which is the world’s financial center) this weekend.

A committee of seven is on route to there now. They are anticipating sign offs and RV by Monday.

This is the real story which has been hid from you.

John MacHaffie —- always telling it like it is

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01/07/2012 _ ScottiG:
I came in today to visit awhile. I have got to get to other stuff about the ranchita but will take some time to answer some information.
As to the current affairs in ‘As the Dinar Turns’ we are waiting. Anyone saying otherwise is not in touch with the facts.
When it goes live, there will be no mistake or guessing about it. The New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade currency
experts have been manning the screens 24/7 for a month now. There has been some interesting activity their but no one knows exactly what that is indicating.

I can confirm 100% that the source of the information about the IMF in control of the RV is someone who knows.
It is not my place to divulge his identity but it is a name that everyone in America and most of the world knows.
I believe we remain very close to the activation in the markets and banking systems.
I am debating right now about doing a Conference Call with my friend Studly. If we decide to do that then we will announce it in due time! 


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