(Steve1): Peoples Dinar 8/22/12

Tonight at 1845 I received a call from SteveI. Talk about exciting! He wants all members to know he has been extremely busy at yet another trade show this week and was sitting in the airport waiting on his flight to come home to Arizona. Steve and Marion were very busy buying products for their business; but not too busy to talk with Ray concerning the progress of the IQD. Steve inquired as to how everyone on PD was holding up and I told him.Here is the mini update Steve gave me to share with everyone on his behalf – I must say, I was a bit overwhelmed and joyful concerning his level of excitement. It was kinda like a young childs very first trip to the toy store!!

Steve says, I am extremely – extremely positive and encouraged after all my conversations with Ray this week. Everything which Ray and I have said in the past remains on track. Nothing negative – only extremely positive news to share. Don’t spend any time looking back. All is moving right along nicely! Concerning the date and rate – I remain firm on my and Ray’s thoughts on this. If you want to know – look up my old updates! He did mention the post he posted about the International Bank and Exhibition on Iraq Banking is huge and for us to go back and really read his thoughts on this post. I must say, he is excited!

He did apologize for being away at such an exciting time as this; but will post a very comprehensive update either tomorrow night or in the next few days, and most certainly by the weekend! His final words – Nothing has changed! All we have said in the past is coming down the pike! End of conversation.

There ya go – SteveI’s mini update – what ever questions we have can be found in his current past updates! Whoooo Hoooo! We are about to exit this long and exhausting rollercoaster ride. And not a minute to soon! Hallelujah!

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