TamRon400 (Bluwolf): The G.E.T. Team 1/23/12

[bluwolf] Gator we are just waiting for all 195 RV to show up so as you can see this is a big occasion and a big event. All is looking good and it will pop up soon enough, there is some protocol in the air nothing mayor it’s more cosmetic
[bluwolf] Well be blessed be back soon once we get in touch with our informants which are in lock down
[bluwolf] And for the record I am not a guru and I am not preacher, I am a man of God yes, and a messenger, I feed you information through facts not fiction and I know that I am not a twenty dollar bill for all to like. Good day sorry if I bust someone’s bubble. Be blessed
[noah] bluwolf Our Liberty is coming!
[bluwolf] Yes noah it is here don’t you worry
[bluwolf] I give no dates nor rates, just information which have been changed by your government many a times, do not blame the informants blame your government and their darn protocol
[bluwolf] All holdups and delays were born in your USA.
[bluwolf] Just the greedy government that is all
[bluwolf] Goi is done chap 7 is done only thing left for it to be closed forever is the pending RV period and yes they are sovereign
[bluwolf] Chap pending
[bluwolf] Yukon this RV is the last step that has to be fulfilled by the UN fine simple


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