(Tidbits From DinarLand): Dinar Detectives 8/22/12

8-22-2012 Sandstorm: I am very positive for Iraq’s future. They have recently put forth an effort to drastically reduce unemployment. If the politics can work out their riffs and open their doors through laws which can instantly bring in big companies and contractors. Iraq is an empty slate.They need infrastructure rebuilt an entire technology and service market that is just waiting to take off; then a housing market that could really blossom quickly and of course the drilling, refining and manufacturing of the minerals and resources.

Sandstom Continued: Iraq could advance decades in just a few years, if only the violence would stop and the political parties would try to mend their differences permanently. I think that would make Iraq attractive and easy to do business in, they could tenfold their GDP in less than 5 years. So much potential!!

8-22-2012 Zantac: Hi All, not been around much but must share a bit of news I had today. Quick info first to get up to speed. When I invested in to this my contact told me to not expect any return for 10 years. Naturally I have been praying, willing this to happen before but as you know its not.

I will start my tenth year on September 4th, 2012. Anyway, today my contact that I have not seen nor spoke to from the time I meet him until this day rang me today & asked if I still have my IQD. I nearly fainted on the phone when he said who it was.

I asked for more details but being who he is he told me he did not know the date nor a rate. He also added only a few people in the world would know this so it’s pointless trying to second guess or build my hopes up. He just told me to hold out, dont sell. This will be at an end sooner than you will believe. Dare I say it for the first time? GO RV GO RV!! 8-22-2012 Milndollarbabe: The IMF will have already approved the rate before it posts on the CBI. The IMF years ago approved a rate of .70-2.20. They gave them a range depending on how the benchmarks were completed and how much debt reduction etc. whether they would be on the high side or the low side. Now I imagine that has changed. This was 6 years ago.

The General went over to Iraq to be proactive on this Iraq/Iran thing happening with Maliki and making sure that this thing doesnt explode. I dont think they want the bad publicity pre-election on foreign policies falling apart.

8-22-2012 Mike: Geat article; talked 3 times about the re-evaluation of their currency. In this article they talked about the re-evaluation process of their currency and they declared that they are going to do this – drop the zeroes and get it done by 2013. Nothing but positive news from CBI.

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