Update on the Dong

1-7-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3: I have an update on the dong. I was contacted today and source said they are getting the same report as 2 weeks ago. They are in the process of talking of a revaluation but not right now. Vietnam has the 5th fastest growing economy in the world right now. There may be a small adjustment of their VND at the same time or just after, within 24 – 48 hours post RV of the dinar. But, that will not be their revaluation. They will have a major revaluation in 14 – 16 months after the dinar. I know that sounds crazy that they are giving us an opportunity to double dip.

Got a report, highly unusual, they have been pretty accurate & trustworthy & was from 2 separate sources. Both said there were meetings Monday and Tuesday between Iraq’s Central Bank Finance Committee, the IMF, & the UST and all documentation pertaining to the Iraq dinar currency was finalized and signed and totally complete. We are only waiting for Iraq to get their government in position to take this thing forward. They will not have to meet with these agencies again. As far as they are concerned it’s a completed deal. But, it’s left up to Iraq & the Central Bank of Iraq to release it. They are not going to release it and the IMF will not accept the people they have in position right now, that is the only hurdle that has to be covered. They have to get their government done. Once these steps are taken, this thing is set to fly. It’s hard not to get excited.

I was told today, strictly rumor, there was a lot of dignitaries from different countries there, but we don’t know why. Also was told the people on the street are finally talking about the currency value increasing there. No indication of a rate and no indication of when it will happen.

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