Value of the dinar is most definitely a separate event from the removal of the zeros

2-8-2013 Newshound Guru Shredd:   I was talking to a friend…and we were talking about the different scenarios regarding timing…how long it could take to start to pip, how long to rv, how long to float and how long till we would cash out some or all of our dinar. I remembered something which is easy to forget…the lower denoms printed from back in 03…even though we read that the removal of the zeros may not happen until next year, that does not mean we won’t see movement in the rate also…we know the current two language dinar will coexist with the new three language dinar for a period of 10 years. i think we have just two articles stating that, the first came out in august of 2011 if i recall correctly and lastly, we have not read anywhere that the dinar we are holding have some laddered plan of being retired. [Guru] Breitling mentioned that recently and I feel that is a great thing to remember.

so, combining these factors…in my humble opinion, gives us great hope that, as we know, the rise of the exchange rate….the value of the dinar is most definitely a separate event from the removal of the zeros and we are not tied to waiting another 12 months or whatever. when the (i think 14) categories of dinar were printed the plan back then was what? twofold…first, to release the large notes due to the low exchange. second, for release of the lower denoms, including the coins to support the country for WHEN the rate reached par with the dollar and above. is the quantity of those lower denoms enough to operationally keep iraq on it’s feet? doesn’t matter imo because i believe the new dinar is printed but even if it isn’t, printing and circulating currency does not take months and months. so, this is kind of an “administrative” look at our situation and imo, it looks amazing and like the gurus say…it can “pop” any time.

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