We know exactly what is going on.

5-29-13 Breitling: Article: “Banks are packed with people and employees colluding to sell dollar” Their policy was they were going to start controlling the dollar amounts from banks. You can’t get as much. They are trying to reduce the dollar supply and it’s creating a frenzy in Iraq. People are speculating like you and I are on the dinar. When it runs out it’s going to translate to the idea that the dinar will gain value. Remember that’s the whole purpose of them putting this in process.

We were warned since 2008 that they were going to get rid of the U.S. dollar and see the value of the dinar go up. You will see the various stages. We know exactly what is going on. You should be very happy, it’s the end result. It’s fun to watch what they are doing. We are watching the future materialize right in front of us. It’s very simple, getting rid of the dollar is going to add value to the dinar.

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