ymoilman (Dinar RV STILL BLOCKED —- Now why? Real Story): OOM 1/7/12

Dinar RV STILL BLOCKED —- Now why? Real Story

We all have been following the dinar guru’s calls of any hour now, any minute now for the Dinar RV to happen globally —– still no cigar after how long? Even Al Hodges and myself was wrong on the date! And I highly respect Al Hodges for what he has been doing. Time to publicly announce what is really going on. And this is exclusive — a first time intel release on the net.

The IMF is in charge of the Dinar RV at this time. Only the IMF.

This is a first time worldwide reset of the world’s currencies in order to get back to the gold based currency. Bye Bye Federal Reserve IOU paper notes.

The IMF needs to do the sign off on the global release and this is being done in Hong Kong (which is the world’s financial center) this weekend. A committee of seven is on route to there now. They are anticipating sign offs and RV by Monday.

This is the real story which has been hid from you.

John MacHaffie —- always telling it like it is
Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:05 AM



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