Dinar Daddy Site Improvements: “Archives” and “Sites/Resources” Pages


With positive change comes adjustment, and not all changes are convenient, especially for those who’ve been accessing my site’s pages for years.  I’m postng this to let you know we are still in transition and that there are of couple of the oldies but goodies that will be resurrected and brought to the newer format, but only better than ever!

A couple of the more popular features of Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits that are no longer available on this new layout are the “Archives” page and the “Sites/Resources” page.  These two major resources and their associated links are being created as we speak, but with major improvements from before.  Let me explain…

Within the “Archives” page, we are creating a database search engine that will allow you to search a list of posts by any one of the possible search angles, allowing you the more conveniently access those posts you’re searching for.

You’ll now be able to search posts within the “Archives” page by the following:

  • By Specific Date
  • By Date Range (beginning and end date)
  • By Information Category
  • By “Guru”
  • By Attributed Website

The “Archives” will not only be presented in chronological order by day, month, and year, but you now have a vast library that you’ll be able to access by any criteria you choose, gaining an 3D view (if you will) of the site and information presented!  That’s right, you’ll now have an incredible search engine to use when referencing data, collecting information, verifying what you have and haven’t read, and so on. I know it’s been a bit inconvenient and even frustrating for some of you during this transition to the new site and layout but I can assure you the change of the website is definitely going to be worth it to everyone, even the skeptics as they’ll be able to access who, what, and when more conveniently.  Love it?! :)  Me too!

As far as the “Sites/Resources” page goes, that too will be implemented in a new and improved way, and even updated.  I noticed several sites have gone by the wayside, and MANY more have sprouted up.  This will be brought forward in a simple-to-use search engine that you’ll be able to search for sites by “Reference or Site Category”.  Here’s what I mean:

If you want pull up a list of all Iraqi News Websites, you’ll choose that option from the list drop down, and you’ll then see a list of all websites related to that category, and so on.

Here is a list of those categories we’re including within the new “Sites/Resources” page (please feel free to email me with suggestions as to additional reference categories):

  • Iraqi News
  • World News
  • Forex & Currency Websites
  • Dinar-following Websites
  • Dinar & Currency Dealers
  • and so on… just can’t remember off the top of my head

I think you’ve got the picture.  I’m committed to making Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits the very best it can be in my effort to provide “All Things Dinar and Currency Related” to my site’s readers.  Please be patient as we implement these changes.  I can assure you they’ll be well worth it!

Go Improvements… Go Convenience… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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