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As each of you can see, we’ve been making several subtle changes to the site we feel improve the overall user experience and visual aesthetics.  I’m making this post to bring  them to your attention and to give instructions to those who don’t see the page properly.  Here are those changes and instructions:

  1. First off, if the top of the site (featured articles section), isn’t showing properly on your screen, please REFRESH your internet cache by holding the SHIFT key down while you REFRESH the page.  This should solve your problem as the only issue with it not showing properly is an internet cache issue where it needs to be cleared.
  2. We’ve added coloring on the homepage of the site in order to help readers more easily distinguish between the various categories of information being shown.
  3. We’ve added summary excerpts to each post title so readers have the opportunity to read a simple summary prior to diving into the whole article.  It should make it easier to find information each reader finds interesting much faster, including those hard-to-understand news articles.
  4. We’ve changed the order in which information categories are displayed on the homepage.  Those that receive the most attention and that are read the most by readers have been placed at the top.  We’ve done this not to glorify any given category of information, but to make it easier for readers to access that which they want to follow.
  5. We’ve added a “Vietnamese Dong” category that we’ll be pushing live within a couple of days.  This will display like any of the other information categories for your convenience in following this exotic foreign currency rumored to revalue similar to the Iraqi Dinar.

Go Positive Changes… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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